Five Things to Consider When Booking Your Vacation Rental

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  1. Location is key. You'll want to consider both the proximity of your vacation rental and its general setting. For example, if you're traveling on foot or with just bicycle equipment then finding one that offers plenty for guests' cars might not be necessary- but when driving standard traffic there's no way around having some sort of gas station nearby so make sure it can offer full services before booking anything else.
"Proximity", meaning how close they are located to other amenities such as restaurants/bars, etc. is important to consider as well. This will help you narrow down locations based on preferences. Luckily for you Urbanize offers local guides and suggestions for all the great things to do in the Northern CO area.
Grant Old Flats, Ft. Collins, CO


  1. Size matters. Think about the size of your vacation rental before you book it. When considering which property to reserve, consider how many people will be staying in this space and what their needs might entail so that everyone has an enjoyable stay no matter where they are located within the house!

A bachelor or bachelorette with lots of people may need lots of rooms and bathrooms to accommodate people's needs. Whereas, booking a larger property for a single-family with small children might be too much room and create more challenges.


Horsetooth Retreat, Ft.Collins, CO


  1. Amenities are important. Some vacation rentals come with a variety of different amenities, from full kitchens to pools and hot tubs, bikes to get around, and more! 

What activities do you have planned? Consider what you need when looking for your next rental so that it meets all those needs too - just like this one here at Hacienda Indoor Pool has everything anyone could hope for in their getaway weekend or week-long staycation adventure.


Hacienda Indoor Pool, Loveland, CO


  1. Compare prices. Vacation rentals can vary greatly in price, so it's important to compare rates before booking. Use Urbanize to compare prices and find the best deal on your vacation rental that works with your budget.

Knock's Hot Tub Haven, Loveland, CO


  1. Read reviews. When you want to find the perfect property for your vacation, don't just rely on what's listed online or in print--read all those amazing reviews from renters! Looking at how many five-star ratings they've received can give us some insight into whether this will be a great stay. 


Check out what people are saying about Urbanize properties and all of the services we provide, here (insert link). We service everything from maintenance of properties, to cleaning and housekeeping, on-site hospitality services, and MORE. So if something isn’t up to your standard during your stay, you have someone to help.


Now that you know the top 5 Things to Consider When Booking Your Vacation Rental Property, it’s time to get started! Urbanize has a wide variety of properties to choose from in destinations all over Northern Colorado. So what are you waiting for? 


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